24in MORGRIP Pipe End Connector – Successful Factory Acceptance Testing

Awarded prior to the UK lockdown in April this year, the project to deliver a MORGRIP 24in Pipe End Connector was able to remain on track for testing and delivery within September 2020, 2 months months prior to the offshore mobilization. Designed, built and tested in accordance with DNG-GL Type Approval to ST-F101/ RP-F113, the … Continued

20in Anchor & Holdback Clamp Production Units Complete Testing

Following the completion of the development and qualification testing in 2019, two 20in product units have now successfully completed the rigorous factory acceptance testing and system integration testing witnessed by the client. Two 20in Anchor & Holdback clamps complete with two positioning clamps underwent the testing at the radoygruppen facility in Bergen, which has been … Continued

12off Connectors tested, packed and shipped

Today CSS completed factory acceptance testing of 12off MORGRIP connectors (10” – 16”) from their Norwegian facility at Radøy Gruppen. This was a particularly challenging project due to the lockdown caused by Covid-19. With the UK facility out of action following the relocation and stalled works in April, CSS were able to complete the manufacture, … Continued

First MORGRIP completed at new UK Facility

Even with social distancing and covid-19 lockdown, the CSS UK team were still able to work across departments to deliver the first MORGRIP unit to be built, tested, packed and shipped from the new Kendrick road, UK facility. A 6in MORGRIP Subsea Flange Adaptor rated to 260bar, terminated with a class 1500 flange. The Hydrotest … Continued

540Barg Connector repurposed for emergency application

Despite Covid-19 and volatile oil prices, operators are continuing to organise and react. With a planned shutdown in the Norwegian section, Connector Subsea Solutions was asked to revalidate and test an existing MORGRIP product for a different application as part of a shutdown contingency. The 71mm diameter Duplex MORGRIP coupling was originally supplied in 2005. … Continued

Successful installation of a 6″ MORGRIP-Collet Offshore India

We are pleased to confirm the successful installation of a 6” MORGRIP-Collet Connector offshore India. Our customer was delighted we were able to deploy, install, activate and test the repair within only 4.5 hour. Special thanks to Steve Bates who was mobilised prior to the Covid19 UK Lockdown. Remaining isolated offshore with the wider crew, … Continued

Connector Subsea Solutions relocates entire UK Operation

Safely and 1 day ahead of schedule, the Connector Subsea Solutions (CSS) team have successfully relocated the entire UK operations to our new facility at Kendricks Road, Walsall. Taking 9 days & 45 trailers to move 750 stock locations, more than 10,000 items comprising over 700te of products, stock, materials, equipment and Emergency Pipeline Repair … Continued

Exceptional lengths to deliver during Covid19 Pandemic

During these exceptional Covid19 times, companies have to go to exceptional lengths to ensure customer satisfaction. Today we completed another successful factory acceptance test for a complete set of MORGRIP connectors being supplied to India through our Croatia and Norway facilities. Using video conferencing we were able to guide and ensure the correct activation of … Continued

Covid-19 update, a note to our customers:

Following the developments and government reactions to Covid-19, we would like to reassure our clients that we will continue to support projects in accordance with our contractual commitments. We are implementing the following actions to achieve this: – We have a dedicated team to ensure the continued safety of our customers, staff and families – … Continued