& Rental

We understand that our customers do not always want to buy, stock and maintain repair or tie-in equipment. Therefore we offer options with regards to Emergency Pipeline Repair Systems (EPRS), contingency asset management and technical rental to help customers select the right system specifically for their needs.

Emergency Pipeline Repair System & Contingency

An Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS) is the result of the process of developing an emergency repair readiness procedure and retaining the necessary tooling, equipment and services to cope with unplanned repairs, minimizing the resultant damage to the environment and field operation.

As oil and gas production extends into harsher and ever deeper environments, new challenges are constantly emerging. These include technical issues such as pipeline material selection, manufacture and installation, well fluid compositions, along with increasing pressures and temperatures and other infield demands. Commercial issues also exist with regards to the scope of equipment supplied within the insurance of an EPRS, and the contractual challenges of mobilization, storage and maintenance for the full life service of the field.

With over 30 year’s experience as a leading provider of EPRS coverage, we can offer a fully bespoke service package to meet the EPRS requirements of the individual operator.

Equipment Rental

Focusing on the ability to provide technical rentals, often project specific, we are able to provide rental solutions that are designed to complement the installation and operational requirements for all manner of subsea projects. Our equipment is available to allow our customers to adopt tighter operating models with fewer staff engineers and achieve an overall a reduction in both project CAPEX and OPEX spend.

Employing the latest range of lightweight yet robustly engineered products we are able to provide the global offshore and subsea contractors with a range of efficient and reliable rental products. Providing a high level of technical support for our rental equipment we are able to work closely with a project and advise quickly on equipment options suitable for a particular operations.

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