Product group: Subsea Tools
ROV Skid & Backpack
Product group: Subsea Tools

Deepwater pipeline repair or subsea tie-ins can only be achieved through the correct interfacing of remote operated pipelines repair equipment. We deliver complete lightweight and compact remote operated Pipeline Repair Systems (PRS) for subsea rigid risers, flowlines and pipelines. These items can be supplied separately or as a complete package for remote deepwater repair, enabling the complete system integration prior to mobilisation.

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Product Description

Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV) Skids, Backpacks and Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) are required to provide power and control to remote operated tools and equipment. Our systems interface with standard work class ROV’s to enable the operation of remote pipeline repair & Tie-in systems.

The remote operated valve packs have full 0-100% proportional control over both the flow and pressure. Fed from a 200l reservoir, the system is fully adaptable for a wide range of applications and equipment including a minimum of 2 lifting operations of our Pipeline & Lifting Tools without the need to refill.

The “dirty pack” is fitted with separate filters to avoid contamination in the oil. The skid structure features a smart sliding frame for easy access, filter change, maintenance and service.

The Topside control systems (laptops, software, switchboard, deck test system and all cabling) have been specifically developed for flexibility within the control system to enable its use for multiple tools and applications.

Our ROV skids and control systems provide a flexible, reliable and robust solution to operating remote systems in harsh or deepwater environments.

ROV Skid, Backpack & Control Systems

  • ROV Skid: 200l capacity (2 valve packs, 8 valves each) with high pressure booster and power canister

  • ROV Backpack: 60l capacity (1 Valvle pack with 6 valves)

  • Provides suitable interface and control for all CSS remote tooling

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