Product group: Subsea Distribution
ROV Connectors
Product group: Subsea Distribution
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Product Description

ROV Connectors enable the quick, secure and permanent connection of hydraulic or chemical control lines between subsea infrastructure.

Technical Features & Operational Differentiators

  • High internal flow due to full bore sizes

  • Modular design for interchangeability of size (Medium Duty) and lifting arrangements (Heavy Duty)

  • Compact connectors for easy deck handling and hook-up

Commercial Benefits

  • Low component count and machining enables significant cost savings

  • Increased operational reliability compared to competition

  • Inboard isolation valve can be integrated to deliver a cost and space optimised solution

Design Basis

  • Working Pressure:
    5,000 PSI – 15,000 PSI

  • Bore Sizes:
    HD: 1.5” to 3”
    MD: ¼” to 1”
    Soft Seal: 1” to 3”

  • Operating Temperature:
    -18°C to +121°C

  • Maximum Water Depth:

  • Design Codes:
    API 6A (ISO 10423), API 17D (ISO 13628-4)

  • Product Specification Level:
    PSL 3 / PSL 3G

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