Product group: Subsea Distribution
Heavy Duty ROV Connectors
Product group: Subsea Distribution

Subsea Distribution systems provide the communication and control between subsea and topside equipment via umbilical networks. As the governing control that makes subsea production possible, our Subsea Distribution Systems are designed in such a way that safety, environmental protection, flow assurance and reliability are key to our design philosophy.

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Product Description

Our Heavy Duty (HD) Connectors enable the quick, secure and permanent connection of a hydraulic or chemical control lines between subsea infrastructure.

Integrating our hydraulic and chemical couplers in an adaptable locking system enables a field proven system that allows for a high degree of misalignment during mating. This makes installation both quicker, easier and improves the general reliability.

The inboard section fitted to the subsea infrastructure is the male coupler. The outboard (flying) section is the female that contains the sealing elements. This makes change out, maintenance and repair incredibly easy.

Our robust design is to accommodate rough handling and to ensure a system that reduces both the risk of connection failure and reduces installation time. We offer a full range of parking positions, test and flushing as well as pressure compensated caps and protective caps.

Heavy Duty (HD) ROV Connectors

  • Supplied in 3 sizes: 2in (HD2), 3in (HD3) and 4in (HD4)

  • 10,000psi maximum working pressure

  • Suitable for application in up to 3000m water depth

  • Triple seal philosophy; a spring energized c-seal as the primary process seal and two heavy duty elastomer T-seals as secondary and seawater barriers

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