Product group: Subsea Tools
Lifting & Handling Frames
Product group: Subsea Tools

Deepwater pipeline repair or subsea tie-ins can only be achieved through the correct interfacing of remote operated pipelines repair equipment. We deliver complete lightweight and compact remote operated Pipeline Repair Systems (PRS) for subsea rigid risers, flowlines and pipelines. These items can be supplied separately or as a complete package for remote deepwater repair, enabling the complete system integration prior to mobilisation.

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Product Description

Pipeline Lifting & Handling Frames facilitate inspection, free span correction, maintenance and repair of subsea pipelines.

Incorporating a modular foot design for multiple seabed conditions and independent leg length configuration, the frame can provide secure, stable and controlled interface with the pipeline, regardless of the location, water depth or sea current.

Light weight and easy to handle, the entire Pipeline Lifting & Handling Frame can fold and pack into a standard 10ft shipping container. This makes it an applicable option regardless of vessel size or location.

With over 1000 subsea operations completed these tools are proven to be both robust and reliable, while also providing an increased level of safety and control when manipulating subsea pipelines.
These tools are available to rent as standard units or can be sold as bespoke engineered solutions to your specific application requirements.

Pipeline Lifting & Handling Frames

  • Interchangeable pipe gripping heads for a variety of pipe diameters and configurations

  • Legs with independent height adjustment for uneven seabed conditions

  • Interchangeable feet to accommodate soft sand through to rock

  • lifting and lateral movement control

  • Buoyancy

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