MORGRIP mechanical connectors fully mitigate the need for welding or any associated hot-works when replacing or repairing a section of rigid pipeline. By doing so, mechanical connectors offer a quicker and safer method for pipeline repair and tie-in whether as part of a planned shutdown or emergency call-off..

DNV GL Type Approval - MORGRIP

MORGRIP Connectors are a DNV-GL Type Approved solution for permanent pipeline repair and retains a 100% leak-free in-service track record.

Since the late 1980s we have supplied over 3000 connectors which are used throughout the oil and gas industry. These connectors can be used in critical and non-critical application and are used for emergency repair, planned shutdown or tie-in, or as part of contingency stock.

Following 6 years of collaboration, MORGRIP was acquired by Connector Subsea Solutions in October 2019.

Onshore & Topside Connectors
MORGRIP Topside & Onshore Mechanical Connectors is a permanent repair connector with a unique pipe gripping and graphite sealing system. These guarantee that not only is the connection at least as strong as the pipe itself, but ensures a chemically resistant, high temperature, high pressure seal that will not degrade in extreme environments.
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Subsea Connectors
MORGRIP Subsea Connectors provide a strong alternative to hyperbaric welding, enabling a quick, permanent repair or tie-in. The product lines include options with both gripping (ball & taper or collet) and sealing (graphite or elastomeric) technology to suit your specific application.
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Remote Connectors
MORGRIP Remote connectors deploy the same DNV Type Approved design process and technology as our other mechanical connectors, but are integrated with remote bolting, hydraulics, monitoring and verification sensors to enable the remote repair or tie-in of a subsea pipeline.
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Clad and Lined Pipe Connectors
The MORGRIP CLiP connector is the outcome of a Joint Industry Project (JIP) with partners Woodside, Chevron and DNV. Based on our field proven diver installed and remote connectors, the CLiP has a patented insert that enables the sealing onto a pipe inner diameter, enabling the permanent repair or tie-in to a clad or lined pipe used in sour service applications
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