Connector Subsea Solutions and Ezion Geber Energy collaborate in Nigeria

Ezion Geber Energy will now formally represent Connector Subsea Solutions in Nigeria. Established in 2015 with headquarters in Lagos, Ezion-Geber Energy LTD provides engineering, procurement, construction and installation services, which include pipeline inspection, maintenance and repair for the oil and gas industry. The business has a strong focus and track record on safety, quality and … Continued

New Chief Finance Officer Joins Connector Subsea Solutions

Connector Subsea Solutions (CSS) has announced today that Egil Krukhaug will be joining the business from 1st October 2020. As Chief Finance Officer benefiting from 18 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, he will be based at the CSS headquarters in Bergan, Norway. “Egil’s experience and competence will complement CSS is a very … Continued

Five times turnover forecasted for Subsea Pipeline Repair Business

Connector Subsea Solutions has bought the largest company in welding and joining of deep water pipelines, to add to its existing subsea pipeline repair portfolio. This year the goal is to double the turnover, in the long run it will bump 500 million. By AndreA BærlAnd Article Translated to English Over the past six … Continued

Connector Subsea Solutions Acquires Isotek Oil & Gas LTD

Connector Subsea Solutions (CSS) Bergen, Norway has announced today 8th June, that is has completed the acquisition of Isotek Oil and Gas Limited. The acquisition adds Isotek’s remote welding technology to CSS’s existing range of subsea pipeline repair capabilities which are primarily focused on mechanical clamp and connector pipe joining solutions. The deal strengthens CSS’s … Continued

Connector Subsea Solutions joins SubseaUK

We are pleased to announce our membership to SubseaUK. For many years our MORGRIP product line has benefited from the support and relationship offered through its staff, members and industrial contacts. We are delighted to expand this membership throughout our entire business and look forward to the mutual opportunities this entails.

Mobilisation of MORGRIP 12″ Connectors and Installation System for Worlds Deepest Remote Pipeline Repair

Recently the Vectis Osprey Vessel left the RadøyGruppen port en-route for Luanda, Angola. Onboard was the MORGRIP 12” remote repair connectors, installation system and associated rental tooling for what will be the World’s deepest pipeline repair operation. Special thanks to our teams in Norway (project management, assembly & testing), UK (MORGRIP connectors), Bosnia (pipe preparation … Continued

Connector Subsea Solutions relocates entire UK Operation

Safely and 1 day ahead of schedule, the Connector Subsea Solutions (CSS) team have successfully relocated the entire UK operations to our new facility at Kendricks Road, Walsall. Taking 9 days & 45 trailers to move 750 stock locations, more than 10,000 items comprising over 700te of products, stock, materials, equipment and Emergency Pipeline Repair … Continued

Connector Subsea Solution UK move to a new home

We are excited to announce Connector Subsea Solutions UK operations are moving from Enerpac / Hydratight Axcess 10 location to CSS Kendricks Road, Darlaston. Over the next few weeks we will bring the facility up to the high standard we expect and our customers demand, then will relocate operations with the following benefits: – Bespoke … Continued