World’s First Vertical Remote Repair of a Deepwater Riser

2 off 4 ” gas lift risers near the base of a hybrid riser tower were damaged during installation. To ensure production, it was essential that the damaged sections were bypassed.

Connector Subsea Solutions (CSS) developed a complete system using its industry leading MORGRIP® mechanical connectors to carry out the world’s first vertical riser repair.

The success of the project represents a number of technical breakthroughs for the industry.

A Diverless Solution To Shallow Water Tie-Ins

How deepwater technology was used cost-effectively to replace diving in a bare-pipe shallow water tie in application.

Green Approach To Repair For Australia’s West Coast

Australia’s west coast is an area of outstanding natural beauty, bringing environmental factors to the fore when MORGRIP® was commissioned to carry out a repair to a section of a subsea pipeline on behalf of an Australian energy firm.

Experience And Quality Win Major Contract For MORGRIP®

The experience and quality of MORGRIP® won the company a major connector contract with government-run natural gas pipeline operator in the Middle East.

MORGRIP® Overcomes Pipeline Clearance Challenges With Bespoke End-Connector Solution

MORGRIP® experts found an innovative solution when asked to repair a 6″ super duplex pipe located within the constrained space of a subsea manifold – 340 mwd in the North Sea.

Once again, the company’s versatile mechanical connector proved ideal for the job.

MORGRIP® Achieves Another Fully Diverless Connector Success

MORGRIP® teamed with a major Norwegian energy company to successfully complete a complex diverless repair to a 30 “, 210 bar pipe, 200 m down in the Norwegian oil and gas fields

MORGRIP® Provides Rapid, Holistic Solution For Major North Sea Oil Project

When subsea hydrocarbon pipelines serving a strategically significant oil platform in the North Sea required extensive upgrades, MORGRIP® worked to strict deadlines to facilitate the multi-stakeholder project and its contingency requirements.