Product group: MORGRIP® Connectors
Clad & Lined Pipe Connector
Product group: MORGRIP® Connectors

Since the late 1980s we have supplied over 3,500 connectors which are used throughout the oil and gas industry. These connectors can be used in critical and non-critical application and are used for emergency repair, planned shutdown or tie-in, or as part of contingency stock.

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Product Description

The MORGRIP® Clad & Lined Pipe (CLiP) Connector is the only DNV Type Approved method to permanently repair pipelines which are clad or lined with corrosion resistant alloy (CRA). These pipeline systems cannot be repaired in the conventional manner as the pipe media, if allowed to bypass the CRA, will penetrate the base metal leading to failure.

Developed under a joint industry project with 2 major operators and witnessed throughout by DNV in accordance with RP-A203 Technology Qualification, MORGRIP® CLiP provides a reliable, repeatable, permanent repair that does not prevent pigging operations or other long term inspection and maintenance programs.

Deploying an End Seal Module that is fitted to conventional MORGRIP® designs, including onshore, topside, subsea and remote deepwater connectors, the technology uses graphite seals that engage onto the pipe inner diameter, ensuring continuation of the CRA lining.

MORGRIP® CLiP Connectors, ideal for emergency repair, planned shutdown or contingency stock, are based on over 30 years of MORGRIP® technology and application. Quicker, easier, safer and significantly cheaper than com-plex hyperbaric welding or pipeline replacement.

MORGRIP® Clad & Lined Pipe (CLiP) Connectors

  • Supplied as Flange Adaptors (pipe-to-flange) or End Caps (pipe termination)

  • Standard temperature capacity from -40°C to 149°C

  • Graphite sealing solution implementing End Seal Module for permeant seal to ID of pipeline

  • Designed in accordance with DNV-ST-F101/ F113 Pipeline Repair, ASME BPVC VIII Div.1,  ASME B31.3 and API 5L Linepipe specification

  • DNV Type Approval including all key features mentioned, for 10″ to 26″ pipeline diameters

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