Flying Leads & Ancillaries

Product Description

Subsea flying lead systems are typically flexible pipes that transmit a variety of fluids, including chemical and hydraulics, between subsea structures. A vital component to any subsea infield system, the flying leads are connected only after the subsea structures are in place. To make the connection, the leads are “flown” in by remote operated vehicles (ROV).

Our subsea flying lead system integrates our single bore connectors or MQC stab plates into a complete systems for field application including:

  • Subsea panels

  • Steel flying leads

  • Hydraulic flying leads

  • Subsea distribution units

  • Umbilical termination assemblies

  • Hydraulic distribution modules

  • Electrical distribution units

  • Subsea control module test stands

  • Subsea control module guide funnels

Incorporating our couplers into single or multi-bore connectors, and integrating our full flying lead assembly, we are controlling the entire hydraulic or chemical interface between the various subsea units.

This ensure the entire system is designed, manufactured and tested as a single work scope – mitigating risk at the point of interface. We can therefore deliver high quality, high performance solutions that are robust and reliable.