Vision, Mission, Values & Design Philosophy

What we aspire to be in the future and why.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the Worlds leading supplier of premium products and outstanding solutions; using our extensive experience to deliver critical offshore connections, creating value for the energy industry.

  • World Leading: We have the best people forged into the best teams for delivering the best solutions using the best products. Our unique, extensive track record will continue to grow and dominate.

  • Premium Products: Quality provides reliability and reliability provides confidence. We work hard with industry third party engineering authorities to ensure the utmost confidence with our tools, equipment, solutions and people.

  • Outstanding solutions: Innovation. We will adapt our products, our ideas and our approach to provide our customers with the most reliable solution.

  • Extensive Experience: We will remain engaged with the products throughout the project life cycle. We value all lessons learnt through experience.

  • Deliver: We will provide the required scope of work within the timeframe needed by our customers.

  • Creating Value: Delivering a safe, reliable and trusted solution will save our customers time offshore, not only during the execution of the project but in the full

Our Mission

Our Mission, which is our daily objective, is to deliver reliable solutions for complex subsea challenges.

Our Values

Our Values not only reflect the culture of the business, but are practical, applicable actions we can use to either as a point of review or as a guide forward.

  • Listen – Respect the information and input from colleagues and customers

  • Solve – Innovate solutions to existing roadblocks

  • Deliver – Be reliable and focused on your customer, both internal and external

  • Improve – Learn and enable positive change

Our Design Philosophy

Our Design Philosophy helps govern the way in which we solve our customers problems. We design our products from the ground up to ensure a focused, fit for purpose solution. We are therefore able to focus on:

  • Lightweight and small footprint, enabling a wider application in more scenarios

  • Reliable and robust operation, enabling trust in our products and our people

  • Efficient innovation, deploying new technology when it has specific and direct value to our customer