Emergency Pipeline Repair Systems & Contingency

We understand that our customers do not always want to buy, stock and maintain repair or tie-in equipment. Therefore we offer options with regards to Emergency Pipeline Repair Systems (EPRS), contingency asset management and technical rental to help customers select the right system specifically for their needs.

An Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS) is the result of the process of developing an emergency repair readiness procedure and retaining the necessary tooling, equipment and services to cope with unplanned repairs, minimizing the resultant damage to the environment and field operation.

At the core of our EPRS and Contingency solution is our MORGRIP Clamp, Connectors and Installation tooling.

As oil and gas production extends into harsher and ever deeper environments, new challenges are constantly emerging. These include technical issues such as pipeline material selection, manufacture and installation, well fluid compositions, along with increasing pressures and temperatures and other infield demands. Commercial issues also exist with regards to the scope of equipment supplied within the insurance of an EPRS, and the contractual challenges of mobilization, storage and maintenance for the full life service of the field.

With over 30 year’s experience as a leading provider of EPRS coverage, we can offer a fully bespoke service package to meet the EPRS requirements of the individual operator.

Joint Approach/ EPRS Club

Operators can share a pool of materials or repair equipment, designed to cover thier specific pipeline assets. The CSS EPRS Club has been established since 1995 and currently includes 10 operators. Membership to the club is by subscription and allows guaranteed access to quality equipment with options for all pipeline repair products and includes engineering and storage of materials plus part machining, right through to supply of complete MORGRIP® Mechanical Connectors. All equipment is stored and maintained in a secure CSS facility.

Independent Approach

For operators with a large number of pipeline assets, a standalone approach is sometimes more prudent. The CSS EPRS Club has ‘Stand Alone Member’ options.  This means all materials purchased are not shared with any other Operators, and have been procured to meet all specifications and requirements for their applications only.

Complete Approach

Many large or state owned Operators prefer to manage the EPRS inventory themselves and in-country, mitigating potential delays in shipping. All items are supplied from the manufacturer in a fully built and tested state, ready for deployment (unlike a joint or independent approach where forged materials etc. could be stored separately at the manufactures site).

In purchasing the long lead items, the Operator then becomes responsible for the inspection, storage and maintenance of these items over the life of the field (20-30 years). As the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is the only supplier capable of performing the maintenance to ensure the warranty of the goods, the management of the EPRS becomes critical to ensure it is fit-for-purpose.

For operators who choose this option and manage their EPRS themselves, suppliers such as CSS provide support through their Connectors Asset Management (CAM) program.