Subsea Tools

Deepwater pipeline repair or subsea tie-ins can only be achieved through the correct interfacing of remote operated pipelines repair equipment. We deliver complete lightweight and compact remote operated Pipeline Repair Systems (PRS) for subsea rigid risers, flowlines and pipelines. These items can be supplied separately or as a complete package for remote deepwater repair, enabling the complete system integration prior to mobilisation.

Connectors Subsea Solution was founded in 2000 with a focus on the reinvention of deepwater technology. Many systems within the industry are developed from existing technology, originally designed for shallow water application. Deepwater technology is required to be:

  • Lightweight with a small footprint, enabling a wider application in more scenarios
  • Reliable and robust operation, enabling trust in our products and our people
  • Efficient innovation, deploying new technology when it has specific and direct value to our customer

Through this design philosophy we are able to deliver products that integrate into complete repair systems that are specifically developed to address the challenging environments found in deepwater location.

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