20in Anchor & Holdback Clamp Production Units Complete Testing

Following the completion of the development and qualification testing in 2019, two 20in product units have now successfully completed the rigorous factory acceptance testing and system integration testing witnessed by the client.

Two 20in Anchor & Holdback clamps complete with two positioning clamps underwent the testing at the radoygruppen facility in Bergen, which has been the base of testing for CSS Norway since 2015.

“The 20in pipeline is coated with a 7-layer, 63mm thick insulation coating. Where traditional units require the coating to be removed in order to interface with the parent material, the concern carried by the pipeline operator is with respect to the creation of cold spots. Not only would these pose a potential corrosion concern but could also impact the flow assurance of the pipe media. Reinstating the thermal capacity of the pipeline by retrofitting suitable insulation in deepwater would be a substantial challenge” Stated Kristen Andrew Foshaug, Chief Technical Officer, CSS “Supplying a remote clamp that can grip onto the outside of the insulation coating mitigates these concerns”.

Implementing a radially spring compensated gripping system into the clamp allows a high load input and caters for the thermal expansion and contraction of the pipeline.

With additional protection in place, in accordance with government guidelines with respect to Covid-19, the testing regime was live streamed to client for witnessing and communication. The units will be shipped to their new owner where the offshore campaign is planned later this year.