Product group: Subsea Distribution
Hydraulic & Chemical Couplers
Product group: Subsea Distribution

Subsea Distribution systems provide the communication and control between subsea and topside equipment via umbilical networks. As the governing control that makes subsea production possible, our Subsea Distribution Systems are designed in such a way that safety, environmental protection, flow assurance and reliability are key to our design philosophy.

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Product Description

Our High Flow Couplers enable hydraulic and chemical lines to be mated subsea, quickly and efficiently.

Optimized for high flow and high pressure, the design includes a self-sealing feature with a low separation force, making the equipment not only suitable for all applications, but providing a safe, reliable and easy to operate interface that prevents leaking poppets at low pressure.

This compact, space saving design is modular, which enables a standardisation of components. This approach allows a reduction in manufacturing costs and accelerated production, enabling a quicker, more competitive supply route.

We have incorporated a flexible seal solution within the seal car-tridge on the female “flying” coupler. Should damage occur during mating/de-mating the modular seal is easily replaced. The design enables a large misalignement between male and female couplers.

The fully welded housing minimises leak point, providing a robust, safe and reliable connection.

Hydraulic & Chemical Couplers

  • Supplied in 3 sizes: 1/4in, 1/2in and 1in

  • 15,000psi maximum working pressure

  • Suitable for application in up to 3000m water depth

  • Triple seal philosophy; three dynamically activated seals that can deploy metal, Flour Elastomer, elastomer or PTFE sealing material

  • PEEK seals used on all poppets

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