Product group: MORGRIP Clamps
Remote Clamps
Product group: MORGRIP Clamps

MORGRIP subsea clamps provide a fast and effective way to repair a pipeline while mitigating the need to cut out and replace the damaged section. All our clamp product lines, for both diver installed and remote repair, can be supplied as a leak sealing or structural capability, with graphite or elastomeric seals to suit your specific application with regards to temperature, pressure and pipe media.

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Product Description

Our remote clamps are engineered solutions to meet the direct needs of the project. As such we have a wide variety of field proven options to address different pipe media, locations, pipe sizes, pressures and geographical conditions.

The majority of subsea clamps (also referred to as split sleeve clamps) have a split body that enables the installation around a pipeline, without needing to cut out the damaged section. Once installed, the activation of a split sleeve clamp is achieved through the bolt tensioning of the studs located along the flange where the split occurs. 

As well as standard split sleeve designs with a bolted flange, operated with ROV torque tools, we can offer a unique C-Bar system which enables the activation to take place from a single location.

With all our remote clamps, the hydraulic activation equipment sits either on the ROV or within an installation and deployment frame. Both systems can be recovered to the surface after successful installation. This not only reduces the size and weight of the clamp repair left on the pipeline, but minimises the amount of tooling.

A remote clamp can be categorized as temporary or permanent depending on whether they can withstand the structural loads on the pipeline. It is recommended that for a permanent solution a suitable third party accreditation is sort.

The seal material is another important factor for consideration as this not only impacts the performance with different pipe media, but can also impact on storage should the unit be part of a contingency plan or Emergency Pipeline Repair System.

All our subsea clamp product lines can be supplied with a leak sealing or structural capability, with graphite or elastomeric seals to suit your specific application with regards to temperature, pressure, pipe media and location. All our products can be DNV Product Certified to F101/F113 which is the subsea pipeline and repair recommended practice.

Remote Clamps

  • Available for carbon steel, stainless steel or duplex pipe materials

  • Standard temperature capacity from -40 degC to 250 degC, the units are in accordance with API Spec 6FB for fire safe application

  • Supplied with single or dual elastomeric sealing

  • Rated for working pressures up to and including ANSI 2500 rating (638 bar)


  • Solutions for installation by WROV or fully remote

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