Product group: Subsea Tools
Pipe Cutting Tools
Product group: Subsea Tools

Deepwater pipeline repair or subsea tie-ins can only be achieved through the correct interfacing of remote operated pipelines repair equipment. We deliver complete lightweight and compact remote operated Pipeline Repair Systems (PRS) for subsea rigid risers, flowlines and pipelines. These items can be supplied separately or as a complete package for remote deepwater repair, enabling the complete system integration prior to mobilisation.

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Product Description

Our pipe cutting tools have been developed to accommodate an extensive range of materials and thicknesses for rigid pipelines, flexibles, anchor chains and ropes.

If the cut is part of a pipeline repair operation, it in important to select the correct pipe cutting tool to insure a suitable interface with other system components. For most repair operations it is required that the pipeline is cut to a near square cut with +/-0.5degrees. For this purpose we offer both circular saws and diamond wire saws.

Diamond Wire Saw

Using a cutting wire impregnated with diamond dust, our aluminium ROV operated diamond wire saw is extremely effective and reliable at cutting through almost any material.

The circular profile of the wire enables cutting to occur from all angles, preventing the wire from getting pinched. Manufactured in a continues loop, the wire can tolerate greater tension loads. These two features ensure a reliable and robust cutting system for all subsea applications.

Circular Saws

Using a carbide-tipped circular blade with a chrome/vanadium steel body, our circular saws are ideal for cuts requiring a high level of control as the cutting edge is in a single plane. This means that we can achieve high quality finishes in a single pipe cut operation. By enclosing the blade we can limit and control the cut location.

Subsea deployment

In either application, the ROV interface and buoyancy enable quick and easy deployment. Controlled through our ROV skid and control system, the hydraulic clamp and drive wheel can be tuned to suit the pipe profile, angle and material. These features enable greater control to ensure the cut is suitable for pipeline repair with mechanical connectors or welding, providing quality assurance and operational risk reduction when interfacing multiple technologies.

All cutting tools can be fitted with the appropriate buoyancy to give it neutral weight in water.

Pipe Cutting Tools

  • Interchangeable pipe gripping heads for a variety of pipe diameters and configurations

  • Legs with independent height adjustment for uneven seabed conditions

  • Interchangeable feet to accommodate soft sand through to rock

  • lifting and lateral movement control

  • Buoyancy

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