MORGRIP Clamps provide a fast and effective way to repair a pipeline while mitigating the need to cut out and replace the damaged section. All our clamp product lines can be supplied as a leak sealing or structural capability, with graphite or elastomeric seals to suit your specific application with regards to temperature, pressure and pipe media.

Subsea Clamps
Our MORGRIP subsea clamp range can be supplied as a project specific solution or a standard tool for contingency. Our design approach enables the supply of customer specific requirements with regards to seal lengths, pressure, materials and installation considerations.
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Remote Clamps
Our remote clamp is a boltless solution, activating through a patented hydraulic activation which enables a reduction in installation time by up to 90%. Fully reversible, our clamps can be leak sealing or structural with elastomeric or graphite seals.
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Conductor Clamps
Designed specifically for installation within the guide funnel, our conductor repair clamps deploy the patented hydraulic activation used in our remote repair clamp. Activated from the top and bottom, rather than the sides, enables a slim design and removes work from within the guide funnel.
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Anchor and Holdback clamp
Supplied specifally for anchoring, hold back or restraint, these clamps can be installed horizontally or vertically. Unlike our repair clamps, these products can be supplied to attach onto bare pipe or the outer diameter of insulation coating.
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Hot Tap Tee Clamps
Suitable for topside and subsea application, the MORGRIP Hot Tap Tee Clamp enables the fitting to be secured without the need for hotwork. Based on our standard clamp product range, the body of the clamp is modified with a flanged tee piece to suit the hot tap tooling.
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