Product group: Subsea Distribution
MQC Stab plates
Product group: Subsea Distribution

Subsea Distribution systems provide the communication and control between subsea and topside equipment via umbilical networks. As the governing control that makes subsea production possible, our Subsea Distribution Systems are designed in such a way that safety, environmental protection, flow assurance and reliability are key to our design philosophy.

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Product Description

An MQC plate is fitted with multiple hydraulic/chemical couplers that enable transfer of a variety of fluids between subsea systems such as trees and manifolds. Manufactured in male and female pairs, each MQC plate is de-signed specific for the application.

Our MQC plates are fitted with our hydraulic and chemical couplers that enable a compact, lightweight design that is easy to handle and quick to install – reducing subsea operation and installation time.

Fitted with a secondary release mechanism which is easy to operate, the MQC plate provides a secure interface within the subsea distribution system.

With all critical locking system elements and seals locat- ed in the flying MQC plate, should any damage occur, the plate can be easily retrieved, repaired or replaced without requiring interfering with the subsea asset.

This solution gives the operator an increased level of safety and control during subsea operation.

MQC Stab Plates

  • Standard stab plate design that can accommodate up to 18 x 1/4in couplers; or 12 x 1/2in couplers; or 8 x 1in couplers; or a mix as per customer requirement

  • 15,000psi maximum working pressure

  • Suitable for application in up to 3000m water depth with a design life of 30 years

  • Deploys our patented Coupler system with triple seal philosophy

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