Product group: MORGRIP® Connectors
Remote Connectors
Product group: MORGRIP® Connectors

Since the late 1980s we have supplied over 3000 connectors which are used throughout the oil and gas industry. These connectors can be used in critical and non-critical application and are used for emergency repair, planned shutdown or tie-in, or as part of contingency stock.

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Product Description

MORGRIP® Subsea Remote Connectors enable subsea pipelines to be joined or terminated in a hub/flange or end cap, in locations that are difficult or impossible to reach by divers.

Developed to be installed remotely, our connectors are field prov-en throughout the world and we are the only supplier with relevant track record having supplied 95% of all in-service units.

A DNV Type Approved Product, the MORGRIP® enables a certified permanent repair for a wide range of pipe materials, pressures, diameters and temperatures.

The unique gripping and sealing technology ensures a connection that is at least as strong as the pipe itself, outperforming quality welds in fatigue loading.

With over 90 remote units supplied since the 1980’s providing a 100% success during infield operation, MORGRIP® holds the industry records for highest pressure, deepest water location, largest pipe diameter and is the only unit deployed in a vertical riser application at 1350mwd.

MORGRIP® Remote (Deepwater) Connectors

  • Supplied as Couplings (pipe-to-pipe), Flange Adaptors (pipe-to-flange) or End Caps (pipe termination)

  • Available for carbon steel, stainless steel or duplex pipe materials

  • Standard temperature capacity from -40 degC to 250 degC

  • Dual graphite sealing technology enabling back seal pressure test to confirm successful installation

  • Rated for working pressures up to and including ANSI 2500 rating (638 bar)

  • DNV Type Approval including all key features mentioned, for 1/2″ to 42″ pipeline diameters

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