Welding & Control Systems

Our Isotek brand supports speciality electronic, electrical, mechanical and software control engineering for extreme environments. These separate capabilities are integrated across projects, delivering experience and innovation to our customer.

CSS Isotek Ltd was founded in the early 1980s to exploit the use of microprocessors in industry. The company developed into subsea applications with customers including Norsk Hydro and GEC. Our initial systems were qualified at SINTEF in Norway for subsea use to 180msw. We have since designed, fabricated and tested a range of bespoke equipment for projects operating at depths exceeding 1200msw. Our expertise is in understanding how these environments affect complex machinery and in designing and proving solutions that can withstand and operate effectively in difficult conditions.

Our remote welding technology, along with the MORGRIP Connectors, are an important tool as part of the Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS) implemented in the North Sea and Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Following many years of collaboration with MORGRIP Connectors, isotek was acquired by Connector Subsea Solutions in June 2020.