Mobilisation of MORGRIP 12″ Connectors and Installation System for Worlds Deepest Remote Pipeline Repair

Recently the Vectis Osprey Vessel left the RadøyGruppen port en-route for Luanda, Angola. Onboard was the MORGRIP 12” remote repair connectors, installation system and associated rental tooling for what will be the World’s deepest pipeline repair operation.

Special thanks to our teams in Norway (project management, assembly & testing), UK (MORGRIP connectors), Bosnia (pipe preparation equipment & mudmats) and Croatia (Installation system) who have worked incredibly hard to deliver this fast tracked engineered solution.

Christopher Boler, Oceaneering, feedback “Pleasure working with CSS who took on the challenge going above and beyond the scope of work to ensure that all equipment was ready on time and loaded out. I am sure this level of support will continue through to the offshore stage. CSS delivered what was promised during the project execution. Confidence in the engineering and execution of the project required very little input and support from the client.”