New Modular DC-DC Power Converter to be Unveiled at Subsea Expo 2024

This revolutionary invention is a major advancement towards subsea electrification within O&G and renewables and will be displayed on our stand at Subsea Expo (Stand 58).

Connector Subsea Solutions (CSS) are paving the way for the transition from AC to DC subsea power conversion and distribution.

Our latest innovation, the CSS MPC, is a high-voltage DC-DC step-down power converter system employing multilevel technology.

This innovative solution efficiently steps down high DC voltages (2 – 6 kV) to lower levels (300 – 700 V), ensuring safe and reliable operations with full electrical galvanic isolation.

The MPC’s modular design offers lower switching losses, excellent output stability, and fault-tolerant operation. Even if an individual module fails, the system can continue operating with reduced capacity, avoiding downtime and ensuring continuous reliability.

Our field-proven MPC facilitates efficient power conversion for various applications, including subsea power systems, eROV and AUV systems, and offshore renewable energy technologies.

Its scalability allows for flexible system design and future expansion without major infrastructure modifications.

Take a first look at this technology on our stand at Subsea Expo and learn more about it in our presentation during the ROV Technology and Handling segment of the conference, in the Arena – Teal Conference Room, between 10am and 12pm on Thursday 22nd February.

For more information before then, please contact Paul Hughes.