Connector Subsea Solutions On Track To Surpass Record Year

Connector Subsea Solutions (CSS) are expecting to surpass their record year by a strong margin driven by steadfast operations during the pandemic.

Finansavisen, a major Norwegian business newspaper, has published an article about CSS’ accelerated growth in 2023, which is on track to be a record breaking year for the company.

The newspaper takes a deep dive into how CSS tackled the challenges of the global pandemic to reach record high activity levels in 2023.

CEO, Ivar Kjærvik Hanson, explains how keeping resources in place during the pandemic rather downsizing was critical to the success seen this year – “If we had fired people, we would not have had the organization to handle all the orders that came. Resources are in great short supply”

Ivar continues “This year we estimate a turnover of NOK 350-400 million, and next year it could be NOK 400-500 million. Half the capacity for next year is sold out.”

Ivar concludes “We see a pent-up need in projects that have been dormant since the corona period. There are projects coming up in both of our main areas. These are very good times in the market.”

The article details CSS’ business model, recent acquisitions and major launches, coupled with its heritage and track record which have underpinned the company’s achievements and will continue to drive further expected growth.

The full article is available on Finansavisen.