CSS becomes fully registered supplier on Achilles Oil & Gas Europe Community

Connector Subsea Solutions has become a fully registered supplier within the Achilles Oil & Gas Europe Community. Registering all facilities across Europe, the product codes covered include:

  • ROVs, ROV Tools and Accessories
  • Pipeline Equipment, Connectors and Accessories
  • Subsea – Packages
  • Distribution Equipment and Materials (Circuit Breakers, Junction / Terminal Boxes etc.)
  • Subsea Valves
  • Ball Valves
  • Pipeline Services
  • Subsea / Diving / ROV Technology Services
  • Subsea Consultancy
  • Subsea (R & D) Services
  • Subsea Construction Services
  • Bolt Tensioning Services
  • Diving / ROV / Submersible operations
  • Subsea Systems
  • Subsea Systems
  • Umbilicals
  • Subsea Systems
  • Pipeline system

“CSS is a technology leading engineering business with a large a portfolio of pipeline & subsea distribution products and equipment. However, it is our to ability to work through the challenges faced by our customers and deliver reliable and cost effective solutions which stands us apart. Our registration and recognition within the Oil & Gas Community on Achilles helps us to be acknowledged for both the products and the services we offer. As a business made up of skilled engineers with tremendous experience, we are very proud of our ability to understand, innovate and deliver bespoke solutions.” Stated James Rowley, Business Development Director.

These products are best summarized through our YouTube Channel or on our website:

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