Latest Integration of Subsea Distribution Technology

Connector Subsea Solutions and AFGlobal Corporation have extended their collaboration to include the integration of Subsea Distribution technology.

The original formal collaboration was focused on providing high-integrity connector products for oil and gas flow and export lines, to our shared client base. This was then extended to enable AFG to provide offshore services supporting CSS operations internationally.

Growing the collaboration further, CSS is now suppling their patented Coupler technology to be integrated into the AFG Multi-Quick Connect (MQC) Stab Plate design. 

“Our patented high flow couplers provide excellent valve flow coefficient ratings, meaning that we are able to transmit more flow in a smaller footprint. A small design modification enables these to fit perfectly within the existing MQC design that AFG has incorporated into their subsea system. Our collaboration enables this complete solution to be reliably delivered to our customers” states James Rowley, Business Development Director, Connector Subsea Solutions.