We can provide fully integrated solutions, products and systems for subsea hydraulic and chemical distribution. Our unique patented technology provides a qualified, robust and cost-efficient solution.

Hydraulic and Chemical Couplers
Our coupler range have a unique interchangeable seal solution that can utilize metal, PTFE or elastomeric seals. With optimized flow rates and low separation forces, our products are certified to API 6A & API 17D.
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Single Bore Connectors
Based on our patented high flow Coupler, we have developed a mating mechanism to both reduce risk of connection failure and installation time. Our connectors are built and tested to handle large connection and pull-in forces.
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MQC Stab Plates
Based on our patented high flow coupler, we have designed a stab plate to benefit from the reduced foot print and associated weight. The Stab Plate solution is designed to handle rough connection operations, pull-in force and can be installed with an angular misalignment of 20 degrees.
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Small Bore Valves
We have developed a unique manufacturing process to enable the removal of a bolted housing. This considerably reduces the size and weight of each unit while maintaining a reliable high-pressure valve operation.
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Subsea Flying Lead Systems
We can integrate our technology into complete systems for field application including flying leads, thermoplastic hoses, steel tubes and smaller structures.
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Ancillary Products
To support offshore campaigns, we can supply additional products and services to allow a complete package delivery, including frames, supports, field service technicians and rental tooling.
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