Product group: Subsea Distribution
Small Bore Ball Valves
Product group: Subsea Distribution

Subsea Distribution systems provide the communication and control between subsea and topside equipment via umbilical networks. As the governing control that makes subsea production possible, our Subsea Distribution Systems are designed in such a way that safety, environmental protection, flow assurance and reliability are key to our design philosophy.

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Product Description

Our ball valves, for ½” to 2” high pressure control systems, are a form of quarter-turn valve which uses a pivoting perforated ball to control flow.

Implementing a unique manufacturing process we are able to weld rather than bolt the components. Not only does this considerably in-crease the quality and reliability of each unit, but it also significantly reduces the size and weight up to 70% of industry alternatives.

With flexible, modular and interchangeable sealing options we can supply competitive solutions from hydraulic valves to high perfor-mance gas applications.

Fully qualified to PSL 3 / 3G, this lightweight and compact solution provides the highest level of safety and assurance, reducing operational risk and cost.

Small Bore Ball Valves

  • Supplied in 3 sizes: 1/2in, 1in and 2in

  • Available in 5ksi, 10ksi and 15ksi (maximum working pressure) configurations

  • Suitable for application in up to 3000m water depth

  • Unique welded design

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