Product group: Subsea Distribution
Small-Bore Ball Valves
Product group: Subsea Distribution
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Product Description

Ball valves for ½” to 2” high pressure control systems, are a form of quarter-turn valve which uses a pivoting perforated ball to control flow.

Technical Features & Operational Differentiators

  • Entire portfolio qualified to highest of industry standards and requirements

  • Both MTM and soft seal available for ½”, 1” and 2” in various pressure classes

  • Unique electron beam welded body enables 70% reduction in potential leak paths

Commercial Benefits

  • Interchangeable ball and seats for MTM and soft seat valves

  • Reduced material use and machining time due to compact design

  • Reduced size and standardisation of components gives market leading prices

Design Basis

  • Working Pressure:
    5,000 PSI – 15,000 PSI

  • Operating Temperature:
    -29°C to +145°C

  • Maximum Water Depth:

  • Design Codes:
    API 6A (ISO 10423), API 17D (ISO 13628-4) TR 1234

  • Product Specification Level:
    PSL 3 / PSL 3G

  • Qualification Level:
    API 6A (ISO 10423) / API 17D (ISO 13628-4)

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