Anchor & Holdback Clamps – New Product Development Completed

Anchor & Holdback Clamps are specifically designed to grip onto the coating of a pipeline to retain movement and prevent pipeline walking, which left unchecked can cause cumulative axial displacement leading to potential failure at tie-ins or risers.

Following the industry demand for remote pipeline restraint clamps, CSS bid the design, prototype manufacture and testing in Q4 2018. Basing the technology on our field proven riser anchor clamps used in 1300mwd to enable the remote repair of a hybrid riser system, we were able to offer an accelerated development schedule.  

Where traditional methods require the coating to be removed to enable the structural interface with the pipeline, prior to tying back to suction anchors, our holdback clamps can achieve the same structural capacity but without the need for coating removal. This prevents the pipe from losing its protective coating and ensure the insulation remains intact, an important consideration for pipeline flow assurance. By gripping onto the pipeline coating it not only reduces risk to the pipeline but ensures a faster subsea operation by mitigating installation steps that would require additional inspection prior to recommissioning.  

With the development project completed, CSS are pleased to present the first production unit ready for factory acceptance testing and system integration testing due this summer. Once completed it will be shipped to Western Australia for subsea deployment.