The Anchor & Holdback clamp is specifically designed to grip onto the coating of a pipeline to retain its movement and prevent pipeline walking, which left unchecked can cause cumulative axial displacement leading to potential failure at tie-ins or risers.

Traditional methods require the coating to be removed to enable a structural interface with the bare pipe. This is then tied back with suction anchors and a tethering system. Although we do supply the means to safety remove pipeline coating in harsh environment including deepwater, this operation can carry significant risk if not properly executed.

Our holdback clamp can achieve the same structural capacity but without the need to remove the coating, enabling a much faster, safer holdback system to be deployed. Our anchor & holdback clamp increases operational safety and mitigates risk to the pipeline asset.

Technical Details:

Gripping: Collet
Sealing: None
Pipe Material: Carbon Steel
  Stainless Steel
  Duplex & Super Duplex
  Insulation coating
Pipe Range: OD 6″ to 42″
Pipe Pressure: Structural only
Installation: Hydraulic tensioners 
Certification: DNV GL Product Approval

Features and Benefits:

  • DNV, Lloyds and ABS accredited approvals exist for either permanent or temporary repair.
  • Offering a 30 year design life; and providing a totally maintenance free solution
  • Can be provided on a project-by-project basis by our dedicated engineering team