Breakthrough Diverless Clamp Solution for Deepwater Pipe-in-Pipe Repairs Delivered

In response to a market-wide call for a clamp solution for Pipe-in-Pipe (P-i-P) pipelines, Connector Subsea Solutions (CSS) have pioneered an industry-leading innovation.

The customer asked suppliers to devise a clamp repair solution for various failure scenarios in deep waters and across two different P-i-P pipeline dimensions.

CSS developed a reliable and cost-effective solution with just 4 diverless clamp variations, capable of tackling 7 different failure scenarios for each pipe dimension (14 different scenarios in total), delivering a highly efficient Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS) solution.

Our trailblazing approach led us to secure the project. After rigorous build and hydrotesting to 362 barg in our Walsall, UK workshop, we’re thrilled to announce that the first clamp has been successfully supplied.

Compact clamp design featuring several seal sets to accommodate different P-i-P pipeline dimensions. Simplified operation by using adjustable and retrievable installation and activation tool, suitable for a range of CSS clamps.

Deepwater P-i-P pipeline failures are challenging to repair, but we’re proud to offer solutions that not only repair but also reinstate the insulation characteristics of these pipelines for several failure scenarios.

For more information on pipe-in-pipe repairs, please get in touch with Pål Magne Hisdal or Andrew Woodward.