Major Project Completion: Installation of MORGRIP® Hybrid End-Cap Connectors

Connector Subsea Solutions (CSS) successfully installed two MORGRIP® Hybrid End-Cap Connectors: 200bar, 10” and 140bar, 16”, in the North Sea during spring this year.

The type-approved, high integrity End-Caps using the MORGRIP® graphite sealing and ball and taper gripping mechanism, enable the decommissioning of topsides and associated subsea infrastructure, whilst allowing the trunklines that the oil and gas pipelines were tied into, to continue operating safely.

The MORGRIP® End-Cap Connectors were a hybrid design, utilising hydraulic cylinders to activate the cages for gripping, whereas standard MORGRIP® Connectors typically utilise spring loaded cages. The End-Cap Connectors were activated by divers with traditional bolt tensioning equipment. The overall solution was a combination of MORGRIP® technology.

To meet the challenges specific to the project, CSS developed a full structural lifting and protection frame with removable top half, protection from falling objects / rock dump and optional adjustable legs.

The project required collaboration between CSS’ Connector and Subsea Distribution teams as the End-Cap Connectors were fitted with a HD2 2” Connector for flushing, leak test and pigging operations purposes. This is the first time the HD2 2” Connector has been used by our customer.

CSS Engineers Rob Davies and Chris Matthews followed the equipment to site for further inspection, testing and diver training. They then mobilised offshore to support the installation, providing 24hr assistance.

CSS received high praise from the customer, with a special mention for Rob Davies, Chris Matthews, and Steven Bates, who played a significant role in this project and would have been deployed offshore had it not been for unforeseen circumstances affecting his travel:

“We would like to pass on our gratitude to those who took part in the project and made it the success it was”.

“At this stage we would just like to focus on the offshore team of Chris Matthews and Rob Davies and express our admiration in their performance. They both performed their tasks in a diligent and professional manner and are a credit to your organization.”

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For more information on this project, please contact Nitin Patel.