CSS Isotek Secures Long-Term Service Agreement with Dolphin Energy

We are delighted to announce the award of our Long-Term Service Agreement (LTSA) with Dolphin Energy Limited.

The four-year agreement will see CSS Isotek providing support for power and control systems as well as related services for the subsea Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS) equipment.  

The EPRS allows Dolphin Energy to intervene at short notice and address any damage sustained to its subsea pipelines. The project incorporates the development of pipeline repair capabilities that supports subsea intervention, recovery and repair.

CSS Isotek has previously provided both 36in and 48in Orbital Track Welding equipment with associated subsea power and surface control systems to support the offshore welded repair of pipelines within the EPRS. All EPRS hardware is housed at Kezad, Abu Dhabi where it is maintained and kept in a state of readiness in the event it is required.

Paul Hughes, Managing Director at CSS Isotek said, “The award of the LTSA is very important to CSS as it allows us to build the strong relationship with Dolphin Energy as we continue to develop and extend the EPRS capabilities over the coming years”.