36 off 2” 15ksi Metal-to-Metal Subsea Ball Valves En Route to Guyana

Our 2″ 15ksi Metal-to-Metal Subsea Ball Valves prove to be a unique and perfect solution for our customer’s complex requirements…

Our customer’s vertical flood cap assemblies were faced with the challenge of high flooding flow rates that would damage typical soft seated ball valves.

In previous projects, our customer managed this issue with a costly and cumbersome solution utilising a gate valve as an initial barrier to a soft seated ball valve.

Connector Subsea Distribution (CSD) instead offered a fully API 17D qualified 2” 15Ksi metal seated compact ball valve solution, a significant weight and cost reduction compared to the gate valve / soft seated ball valve option.

CSD ball valves are rated to 10,000 ft water depth and capable of operating with a 15,000 psi differential between the ball and seat.

Special interfaces incorporated into the design allowed the valves to easily connect with our customers’ interfaces.

To learn more about this project, our subsea ball valves range or our wider subsea distribution portfolio, please contact Derek Mason or Kristian Karlsen.