12 off MORGRIP® Connectors – Built, Tested and Supplied

Connector Subsea Solutions (CSS) have completed a sizeable project comprising 12 off MORGRIP® Collet Flange Adapters.

Our customer required 12 off collet connectors in sizes 6”, 8” 10”, 16”, 20” and 24” for various pressure classes ranging from #600 to #1500. In addition, our customer required CSS to supply 12 off misalignment flanges of the same size and pressure class as the connectors.

Our technicians and project managers in Walsall, UK, managed the volume of connectors through the workshop exceptionally, minimising the chances for bottlenecks in build and testing whilst maintaining the high standards of Connector Subsea Solutions’ procedures and MORGRIP® product quality.

The connectors underwent internal / hydrotesting in pairs to reduce time in the workshop. Each connector passed successfully with two-hour hold periods and were witnessed by a third-party inspector from Bureau Veritas.

The connectors have been supplied to our customer in the Far East as contingency stock.

We are proud to recognise the efforts of John SpainMark Austin, Gary Hill, David RileyIREK KLAPKAChris DavisSteven Bates, and Stuart Antill for their diligence and hard work to meet the demands of this significant project.

Get in touch if you’re looking for pipeline repair, contingency, decommissioning or rerouting work. We have a range of MORGRIP® mechanical connectors and clamps in all sizes and pressure ratings, for topside and subsea, diver installed and fully remotely installed.

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For more information on this project, please contact John SpainNigel BaxterShahed Razvi or Rani Mahey.