Pipeline Lifting & Handling Frames facilitate inspection, free span correction, maintenance and repair of subsea pipelines in shallow or deep-water. They can be operated by diver, powered through a hydraulic interface, or alternatively by ROV through the ROV skid and control system.

By using standard modular components the frames can be modified to meet the demands of a specific location and environment. These include:

  • Interchangeable pipe gripping heads for a variety of pipe diameters and configurations
  • Legs with independent height adjustment for uneven seabed conditions
  • Interchangeable feet to accommodate soft sand through to rock
  • lifting and lateral movement control
  • Buoyancy

Lightweight and easy to handle, the Pipeline Lifting & Handling Frames can fold and pack into a standard shipping containers. This makes it an applicable option regardless of vessel size or location.

Designed in accordance with DNVGL 2.7-3 (Portable offshore units) and DNVGL-OS-C101 (Design of offshore steel structures) these units have been mobilised for over 1000 subsea operations, proving they are both robust and reliable.

The Pipeline Lifting & Handling Frames we supply provide an increased level of safety and control when manipulating subsea pipelines. These tools are available to rent as standard units or can be sold as bespoke engineered solutions to your specific application requirements

Technical details (current stock):

Lifting Capacity: 25t working load limit
Lateral Range: 1020mm
Lifting Range: 1600mm below seabed

Key features:

  • Can “fold up” to reduce storage size & deck space requirements
  • Feet can be replaced by mud mats for soft seabed conditions
  • Feet can be moved independently to accommodate rock formations
  • Controlled lifting with vertical, lateral and rotational adjustment