Coating Removal – completed remotely at 1300mwd

Following the successful FAT earlier this year, we are pleased to announce the successful completion of a deepwater (1300mwd) pipe coating removal operation. The 12″ pipe had a total of 8m x 17.5mm thick coating (with FBE) removed in two locations. The operation enabled the installation of a remote clamp to extend the field life of the pipeline.

Removal of pipeline coatings prior to repair requires incredibly tight tolerances. It is vital that all coating is fully removed, as the gripping and sealing capacity of any repair is based on interfacing with bare pipe. The inclusion of any coating introduces unwanted risk during operation, with any delay incuring signifcant cost implications. It is also imperative that the parent material is not cut or damaged.

The Connector Subsea Solutions Coating Removal tool deploys a patented cutting head that ensures 100% removal of coating (including FBE) without any risk of removal or damage to the parent pipe material.

Coating removal tool
Connector Subsea Solutions Coating Removal Tool