Prior to a pipeline repair operation, whether using welding, clamps or connectors, all pipeline coating in the repair location must be removed.

The bare pipe provides the main interface for any gripping or sealing systems to be deployed and therefore the correct preparation of this surface is critical. In removing the coating the parent material must not be damaged.

Our remote pipeline coating removal tools apply a unique patented technique that has been developed over 10 years which carefully removes coating, including fusion bonded epoxy without damaging the pipe surface even on oval pipes. The finish is qualified for use with all industry mechanical connectors and clamps.

Technical Details:

Coating removal method: Mechanical 
Surface condition Sa2.5 
Configuration: Horizontal
Pipe Coating: fusion bonded epoxy
Pipe Range: OD 1/2″ to 48″
Water Depth: 2000m

Features & benefits:

  • The mechanical removal of coating enables a tool to be deployed in any water depth and within constrained locations
  • The patented cutting head is guaranteed not to cause any damage to the parent material, making it ideal for use with connectors and clamps
  • Field proven in both horizontal and vertical applications