Connector Subsea Solutions Acquires Isotek Oil & Gas LTD

Connector Subsea Solutions (CSS) Bergen, Norway has announced today 8th June, that is has completed the acquisition of Isotek Oil and Gas Limited.

The acquisition adds Isotek’s remote welding technology to CSS’s existing range of subsea pipeline repair capabilities which are primarily focused on mechanical clamp and connector pipe joining solutions.

The deal strengthens CSS’s position as a complete solutions provider for critical offshore connections and is part of a strategic drive to meet growing industry demand for technologies which offer lighter, smaller and more reliable pipeline repair methodologies for complex subsea and remote intervention. Remote subsea welding is seen as a key link into future operational scenarios for tie-ins, repair, hot-tapping, Emergency Pipelines Repair Systems, and in particular, larger diameter pipeline applications.

The Isotek workforce which numbers 15 people is transferring over to CSS with immediate effect.

CSS and Isotek have a long-standing relationship and have been at the forefront of subsea and deepwater pipeline repair for many years.

The company, in partnership with CSS, has been a key supplier and development partner for Equinor’s Pipeline Repair System since its inception in the early 1990s. This collaboration developed control systems and equipment for the subsea repair and installation spread, and fully remote welding equipment for hot tapping.  A number of tie-ins have also been completed, along with the development and qualification with DNV-GL. In 2019 the partnership celebrated the first fully remote hyperbaric welded tie-in which was successfully completed on a 36” pipeline for the Johan Sverdrup field in Norway using equipment and technology developed and supplied by Isotek.

Isotek has also been involved in the control and automation of subsea equipment since the mid-1980s and developed key parts of the hyperbaric mechanised TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding system which was first used on the Oseberg field tie-in in Norway in 1988.

More recently, Isotek has been developing small payload high voltage converters particularly suitable for the ROV and subsea drone market. This work has been fast-tracked and is in the final phase of completion on the back of projects with various ROV companies and is due to be available in Autumn 2020.

Ivar Hanson, Chief Executive Officer, Connector Subsea Solutions commented; “Having led the industry on every major milestone with regards to remote repair using mechanical connectors, CSS now also has a proven capability for remote welding. Adding Isotek’s expertise and experience to our portfolio of services allows us to offer an unrivalled range of capabilities in the repair of shallow and deepwater pipelines of up to 48in diameter, in the most challenging operating conditions.”

Simon Fripp, General Manager, Isotek added; “The synergies already in place between the Isotek and CSS teams will create exciting opportunities for us to develop new products and solutions for the oil and gas industry, such as our ROV power converters.  This will give us strong growth potential and allow us to play a key role in supporting the trend towards autonomous subsea operations, as the industry ventures into increasingly challenging environments.”