Experience And Quality Win Major Contract For MORGRIP®

01 // MORGRIP® subsea connectors

The experience and quality of MORGRIP® won the company a major connector contract with government-run natural gas pipeline operator in the Middle East.


In 2005, a ship’s anchor damaged a subsea 30″ main gas pipe, which supplies fuel to provide 25% of the country’s electrical power – pipelines rarely have a more critical role in national power generation. The customer hired MORGRIP® to help make the repair, which thanks to the company’s unique weldless connectors was completed in under 24 hours. The customer was keen to ensure any future damage could be repaired just as quickly.

02 // Anchor damage to subsea pipeline

“Our engineering expertise paid off. If repairs are needed, our engineers will assist in deploying the connectors.”
MORGRIP® Mechanical Engineer


To guard against the possibility of future damage to this super critical supply pipe, the customer decided to acquire contingency facilities.

The MORGRIP® track record, plus the company’s subsequent expertise and engineering advice, proved persuasive. Though MORGRIP® didn’t present the lowest tender, the customer realised the company offered the best solution and bought two more 30″ connectors and their associated components.

The connector engineering team provided the company with drawings, detailed installation procedures, and maintenance and storage advice even before the order was won. This information filled in many of the customer’s knowledge gaps.

The customer now effectively owns a rapid-repair kit, which can be brought into use by its own experts very quickly. The connectors will stand in specially made storage bags offering a stable environment and easy, rapid deployment if needed.