MORGRIP® Overcomes Pipeline Clearance Challenges With Bespoke End-Connector Solution

01 // MORGRIP® engineers created a special end-connector to handle a difficult repair

MORGRIP® experts found an innovative solution when asked to repair a 6″ super duplex pipe located within the constrained space of a subsea manifold – 340 mwd in the North Sea. Once again, the company’s versatile mechanical connector proved ideal for the job.


MORGRIP® was asked to repair a damaged pipe on a subsea wellhead “Christmas tree” on a Norwegian oil and gas platform.

A mandrel and its 6″ supporting pipe had been pulled out of position during an operation, overloading the pipe and forcing the shutdown of an associated 10″ line, halting production.

“At that depth and with such restricted access, solutions were limited. We had to think outside the box.”
MORGRIP® Mechanical Engineer

02 // MORGRIP® end-connector testing


A 6″ super duplex end-connector had to be specially engineered to fit within the significant physical constraints of the damaged manifold.

The cracked pipe was partially inside the manifold, so MORGRIP® engineers had to ensure the connector’s overall dimensions were an absolute minimum, so it would fit in the available space.

The pipe, which carries a mixture of water, oil and gas, was pressure tested to 267bar after the procedure, and was tested again at regular intervals to make sure there has been no further pipe deterioration.

Full pipe integrity was retained, with no de-rating of the pipeline or deviation from the original design.