We supply patented fully welded hydraulic and chemical couplers with a hydraulic lock compensator system. The coupler is based on modern modular design principles and standardization to create high quality, flexible and lean products. Our couplers have a unique interchangeable seal solution that can utilize metal, PTFE or elastomer seals in the same interface. With optimized flow rates, compact design and low separation force, our products are qualified and certified to API 6A & API 17D.

CSS Coupler Design

Technical Details:

Sealing Options: Metal-to-metal
  Fluor Elastomer
Configuration Options: Weld Tail
Material: Nitronic 50 HS (ASTM A479 Gr. XM-19)
  Optional Duplex or Stainless steel End Adaptors 
Range: 1/4″ to 1″
  *Cv values will determine optimum size
Pressure: Up to 15,000psi
Installation Options: Hydraulic and chemical couplers, subsea & topside
  MQC Stab plates or single ROV connector
  Customer Configuration
Certification: API 17D & API 6A

Features and Benefits:

  • Utilise a compact high pressure design that is optimised for maximum flow, offering very competitive Cv values for all fluids
  • The coupler valve is self-sealing to an external pressure of 10bar. One or both coupler parts can be delivered as vented or without valve.
  • Welded design to minimize the size envelope and eliminate leak paths
  • Flexible modular design enables repeat use and replacement of all parts enabling quick ,simple and low cost customization
  • Seal modules can be changes out to provide a flexible sealing solution, enabling the unit to be adaptable to a wide variety of operating conditions.
  • Standard configuration utilizes a metal seal as primary barrier and HNBR 0-rings for secondary and seawater sealing
  • Units can operate with any hydraulic, chemical or gas medium
  • Nitronic 50HS is standard material used in manufacture due to high strength and reliable weldability. End adaptors with welded interface may be delivered in UNS S32750 (Super Duplex) of UNS S31600 (Stainless Steel)