Fully Remote Connector System FAT

Today we successfully completed Factory Acceptance Testing of a remote connector installation frame fitted with a 12″ remote MORGRIP Connector. There have been 12 remote connector repairs completed since 1996, deploying a total of 17 connectors, all but 1 being MORGRIP. This latest testing not only approves a further 2 units ready for deployment during the 2020 summer campaign, but includes a completely new system to enable the installation to take place.

This new system, designed, manufactured and successfully tested by Connector Subsea Solutions, enables a new lightweight, low cost method to reliably deploy a mechanical connector repair without the need for divers. Qualified up to 2000m and field proven at 1350m the sharp increase in the application of this technology seen in the last few years follows the industry trend for safer, more reliable operations to make deepwater and ultra-deepwater viable.