CSS Isotek Deployed to Norway for On-site Customer Support

Our team in Leeds journeyed to Norway to undertake hardware and software installation, testing, and upgrades relating to our customer’s subsea Pipeline Repair Systems (PRS).

Over two separate campaigns since the turn of the year, Robert Boggs, Greg Firth, Sean Watkinson, and Vladimir Shulyak were deployed on-site to maintain and modify our customer’s Remote Welding Spread (RWS), TIG Welding System, Pipeline Handling Frames (PHF) and PRS Control Systems.

The work carried out by the team included:

  • Completion of new CSS Isotek Power Distribution System and Expansion Module installation on RWS Remote Habitat
  • Testing of Line Insulation Monitoring, RCD, and Video Routing for cameras installed on the Habitat
  • Testing of new pause/resume function for MIG AVC (Arc Voltage Control) on RWS
  • Upgrades to operator controls on screens and fixed panels on RWS
  • Testing of control systems changes to TIG Welding Habitat
  • Software updates to TIG Welding control units
  • Install and test modifications to PHF
  • Software updates to PHF computers to match TIG Welding operating systems
  • Testing of interconnectivity between PHF and Diver Habitat
  • Sensor and valve allocations on various tools

CSS Isotek specialise in electronic, electrical, mechanical and software control engineering for extreme environments.

If you would like to know more about our capabilities in welding, power and control systems, please contact Paul Hughes.