Connector Subsea Solutions and AFGlobal extend collaborative partnership

Servicing the same customers but with complimentary products, Connector Subsea Solutions (CSS) and AFGlobal (AFG) have extended the existing collaborative agreement to include global offshore servicing support for critical subsea connections.

This original collaboration is to enable joint supply of products and services on major projects that require premium connector solutions. AFG, supplier of Retlock subsea connection systems, Taper-lok and Retlock Compact flanges, provide optimal sealing solutions for new build infrastructure. CSS, supplier of MORGRIP clamps and MORGRIP connectors, provide high integrity sealing solutions for pipeline repair and tie-in to existing infrastructure. Through the extended collaboration joint systems can not only be supplied but also serviced and installed by the same trained technicians, limiting offshore mobilization requirements.

“AFGlobal has an excellent service record and a global presence. Through cross training technicians we enable their transferable skills to be utilized offshore. This increases their flexibility and utilization, while minimizing the mobilization costs and vessel space for our customers.” Stated Paul Hughes, Chief Commercial Officer & Managing Director UK, CSS

“Historically, CSS and AFGlobal have worked together many times and collaborated when possible. Being able to formalize that collaboration and extend additional services and training is beneficial to both ourselves and our customers. Finding the most optimal solutions ensures we not only represent the best integrated solution, but also the best value” added Mark Lamyman, International Business Development  Manager, AFG