ADOS & CSS UAE Technical Training // Webinar Series 2021

Abu Dhabi Oilfield Services (ADOS), in association with it’s principal, Connector Subsea Solution, is pleased to announce a free technical training series exclusive for our clients. All participants will receive a continued technical training certificate.  

Wednesday, June 9th 2021 | 1:30-2:30 pm (GST – UAE time) 

Technical Training Webinar Series: ADOS and Connector Subsea Solutions 

Currently around 70% of global oil production is extracted from mature fields. Ever increasing productivity and field life is enabled by impressive advances in oilfield technology and innovation. Offshore operators are faced with the challenge of managing ageing assets all around the world. This technical training will highlight critical solutions developed by CSS to mechanically repair clamps for severed conductors. 

The conductor repair clamp is specifically developed for the repair of conductors in the splash zone area with damage inside the guide funnels where a welding repair is impossible. This can frequently occur due to damaged and/or broken centralizers. Repair within the guide funnel is particularly challenging due to the restricted access that prevents the use of standard/conventional clamps with longitudinal bolting.  

Using our patented C-Bar activation, our conductor repair clamp mitigates the need for longitudinal bolting to ensure a fit within the guide tunnel. Activation via the top or bottom enables fast, easy and safe access by divers or ROV. Including a structural and a sealing element, the clamp can take the full structural load of the conductor and prevent leaks from occurring. Delivered with custom centralizers mounted on the body to reinstate the centralizing function, the clamp addresses the potential root cause of the original failure. Our experts will focus on CSS’s conductor repair clamp which is a field proven solution, enabling efficient, safe, secure, and permanent repair required to bring the wells back into production. 

Speaker Info:  

John Charalambides, Executive Vice President – MENA at Connector Subsea Solutions 

John has over 30 years international experience in onshore and offshore oil and gas market, including management, technology sales and P&L accountability. Based in the UAE, John previously worked for Oceaneering for 27 years in UAE covering clients worldwide with emphasis in the Middle East, North Africa, Mediterranean and European regions.  

John holds a Higher National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (HTI – Cyprus), and Bachelor’s and Master’s of Engineering degrees, both in Mechanical Engineering (Solid Dynamics & Machine Design) from the City University of New York (CCNY). He has proven to be an asset to Connector Subsea Solutions with his wealth of experience and extensive network connections internationally.