When a remote connector is used to repair a pipeline, it is important that no damage to the seals occur. Damage is most likely to take place when installing the connector onto the end of the pipe. To mitigate this risk the Pipe End Preparation tool should be deployed.

A Pipe End Preparation Tool needs to:

  • Remove any burrs, offcut or potential debris
  • Ensure a square cut finish with bevel ends
  • Provide additional checks on pipe ovality and wall thickness

The subsea installation operation is at less risk of delay or failure if the interface and tolerances of the pipe end have been suitable controlled.

We provide a light, simple ROV dedicated tool that is both quick and easy to mobilize and operate. This assurance fully mitigates risk of causing damage to interfacing components and ensures the correct operational tolerances are achieved.

A simple tool mounting on the pipe inner diameter ensures the machining plate can be modified to suit a wide range of pipeline sizes, materials and tolerances. This solution provides an increased level of safety and control when preparing to interface subsea pipelines, reducing operational risk.

For Emergency Pipeline Repair Systems where the tool is held in contingency in case a repair is required, we can design bespoke units to have multi-diameter configurations.