Pipeline Lifting & Handling Frames Upgrade Completed

Connector Subsea Solutions have recently installed new hydraulic lifting cylinders on our Pipeline Lifting & Handling Frames (PLHFs) and successfully completed FAT.

The new lifting cylinders enable our range of PLHFs to lift larger loads and with greater efficiency.

As pictured, the PLHFs successfully completed FAT performing with smooth and safe operation.

Excellent work from our teams in Bergen for performing the upgrade.

Our PLHFs have completed over 1,000 subsea operations and proven to be robust and reliable whilst lightweight and foldable into a standard 10’ shipping container.

Learn more about our PLHFs and download the datasheet on our website for the full specification:

Connector Subsea Solutions have a range of subsea tools for pipeline repair which can be mobilised on short notice including PLHFs, Coating Removal Tools, Riser Cleaning Tools and Pipeline Cutting Tools.

For more information on this project and our deepwater rental equipment, please contact Pål Magne Hisdal.