New Product Launch: MORGRIP MORSMART

As a response to the demand of the market to offer more reliable and cost-effective pipeline repair solutions, Connector Subsea Solutions (CSS) Bergen, Norway announces the launch of MORGRIP MORSAMRT.  This NEW Mechanical Connector product line is compact in size and weight, requiring less handling capacity during offshore installation. Complete with external pressure test port facilities, length compensation and subsea coating the MORGRIP MORSMART is a quick and easy to install permanent repair solution to subsea pipeline repair & tie-in.

Our standardized subsea diver installed connector enables subsea pipelines to be terminated in a standard ASME/ANSI Class 600, 900, 1500 & 2500 weld neck flange, made of high-quality weld-less forgings. Designed, manufactured, and tested to our high engineering standards and industry codes, these units offer a compressed elastomeric seal system and a collet gripping system to enable suitable application to a wide range of new or old pipeline sizes, wall thicknesses and pressures.

The size (diameter) of the studs used to attach the MORGRIP MORSMART to the mating flange on the spool piece is the same as the studs use for the activation of the MORGRIP MORSMART.  This feature allows the installation contractor to use one set of tensioners for both bolt make-up operations. John Charalambides, Executive Vice President – MENA commented, “Through standardizing design and production, we can significantly reduce cost, increase stock, and mitigate long delivery schedules”.

Creative design of the structural grips of the MORGRIP MORSMART allows for it to be used on pipelines with variable pipe OD and withing the applicable limits specified by the API Specification 5L. As activation of the grips and seals of the MORGRIP MORSMART is achieved by the compressive load offered by the “packing flange/plate”, we can control the amount of compressive load (back pressure) applied on the pipe by its grips and seals, while keeping the pipe in elastic condition without deformations that could make the pipeline unpiggable.

The seal has exceptionally high performance, a long service life and is particularly tolerant of surface imperfections which are inevitable in many pipeline applications. This dynamic feature allows the MORGRIP MORSMART to be used/installed on thin wall and aging/old pipelines, because we can control its activation load.

Overall, the MORGRIP MORSMART Connector offers a highly engineered product based on our vast experience in Connectors while making it a “cost effective” solution to the repair of subsea pipelines.

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