The conductor repair clamp is specifically developed for repair of conductors with damage in the guide funnels. This can frequently occur due to damaged and broken centralisers.

Repair within the guide funnel is particularly challenging due to the restricted access that prevents the use of standard clamps with longitudinal bolting. Using our patented C-Bar activation, a technology developed and implemented in deepwater pipeline repair, our repair solution mitigates the need for longitudinal bolting to ensure a fit within the guide tunnel.

Activation via the top or bottom enables fast, easy and safe access. Including a structural and a sealing element, the clamp can take the full structural load of the conductor and prevent leaks from occurring.

Delivered with custom centralizers mounted on the body to reinstate the centralizing function, the clamp addresses the potential root cause of the original failure.

Our conductor repair clamp is a field proven solution which enables the efficient, safe and secure repair required to bring the wells back into production.


The clamps can be designed to suit all sizes of conductor.

For diver installation through standard bolt tensioning and torqueing.

Designed in accordance with 13628-7 and finished with NORSOK 7B marine epoxy paint system for permanent repair.