Our conductor repair clamp is designed to fully reinstate damaged or severed conductors.

Providing conductor pipe is supported along their full length and are not free to move, they can be extended from the well casing to a fixed platform. The support structure makes repair using conventional means impossible.

Using our patented C-Bar activation, also use on our remote clamps, mitigates the need for longitudinal bolting enabling them to fit within the guide tunnel. Activation via the top or bottom enables easy, safe access.  

The clamps are application specific and designed to fit the exact repair location, ensuring that the repair solution is fit-for-purpose.

Including a structural and a sealing element, the conductor clamp can take the full structural load of the conductor and prevent leaks from occurring. Our conductor repair clamps, qualified and field proven, assure a controlled, safe and secure repair method.

Technical Details:

Gripping: Ball & Taper or Collet
Sealing: Graphite or Elastomeric
Configuration: Coupling (pipe-to-pipe)
  Flange Adaptor (pipe-to-flange termination)
  End Cap 
  Customer specific termination
Pipe Material: Carbon Steel
  Stainless Steel
  Duplex & Super Duplex
Pipe Range: OD 1/2″ to 42″
Pipe Pressure: up to ANSI Class 2500# (640Bar, 9,000psi)
Installation: Hydraulic tensioners 
Certification: API, DNV GL Type Approval, NACE compliant

Features and Benefits:

  • C-Bar activation significantly reduces the overall size of the clamp, enable its use within restricted spaces.
  • Elastomeric seals require a low activation load offering a compact solution ideal for thin walled and damaged conductors
  • External pressure test facilities ensure joint integrity prior to commissioning
  • Full DNV, Lloyds and ABS accredited approvals exist for either permanent or temporary repair.
  • Offering a 30 year design life; and providing a totally maintenance free solution
  • Can be provided on a project-by-project basis by our dedicated engineering team